The 9 Best Practices for Service Providers Offering SD-WAN

For Delivering Performance, Security and Seamless Management
(with a Scalable Pricing Model That Makes You More Money)

Are you handcuffed by inflexible SD-WAN software solutions? 

Are customer connectivity issues beyond your control lowering your customers’ satisfaction levels and tying up your support team unnecessarily?

The big incumbent companies that supply your clients’ internet aren’t concerned about your business model or reputation. And when their service goes down and your clients can’t access their cloud-based applications, the telecoms don’t suffer — you do.

And that is why you need to work with a SD-WAN solution that is built for Service Providers. 

Our must-read guide, "The 9 Best Practices for Service Providers Offering SD-WAN" outlines a business continuity strategy you can apply today — no matter how large or small your organization is. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Deploy a carrier-agnostic virtual network using SD-WAN
  2. Deploy a virtual network platform on white-box hardware
  3. Integrate that platform with existing operational and business support systems
  4. Use bandwidth adaptation to load balance packets automatically across multiple circuits
  5. Creating and configuring sites and networks should be done with a few clicks
  6. Leverage seamless circuit failover to prevent disruption of voice, video and other sessions
  7. Deploy dynamic QoS to prioritize traffic
  8. Secure all data and communications without a VPN
  9. Take your new scalable pricing model live for customers

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9 Best Practices for Service Providers Offering SD-WAN


Take Control of Your Customer Satisfaction Levels

Dropped or degrading connections to the business applications your customers need damage your brand — and your revenue stream. But you can’t diagnose connectivity problems without visibility into the network.

By deploying a software-defined wide area network for your clients, you can not only minimize the time you spend trying to address problems that are our of your control, but you can add a monthly recurring revenue stream and increase customer service and satisfaction levels.

It’s not rocket science. What are you waiting for? Download our free guide for detailed instructions on how to implement these nine steps and develop a bulletproof business continuity strategy.

Multapplied was the only SD-WAN vendor we looked at that gave us licensing to run everything on our own infrastructure and equipment. It was the right fit, I didn’t bother considering another vendor.

–  Alex Ball, VP at QX.Net (ISP)


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